Dear Social Entrepreneur,

There are an estimated 14 million Jews around the world, of whom about half live in Israel. For a number of reasons, the connection between those Jews living in Israel and those outside of Israel is becoming strained. By every significant measure, statistical data show that the bond between Israel and Diaspora Jews is fraying. Yet Israel and Diaspora Jews are family. We need one another – for growth, unity, inspiration, and sheer survival.

The cause of global Jewish unity is dear to our hearts. We are the parents of Gilad Shaer, who was abducted and murdered with Eyal Yifrach, and Naftali Frankel z’’l in the summer of 2014. During the weeks of uncertainty, before their fate was known, through the deep grief that followed, the support we received from all corners of the Jewish world was unparalleled. It was a powerful testament to the mutual responsibility and global connection felt by Jews around the globe.

Today, through the SonShine Foundation that we established, we seek to mine the wisdom, entrepreneurship, and creativity to leverage this connection. We are hopeful that as a change agent, you will be instrumental in catalyzing an innovative approach to strengthening the bonds between Jews in the Diaspora and Israel.

Bat-Galim and Ofir Shaer

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